Erotic Darling
Your Angel of Insatiable Desire

"When I walked though the door, I was stunned/pleasantly surprised by how pretty this woman is. I know she shows clear facial pics, but as the saying goes, they don't do her justice. Her incall and playroom in particular is filled with all manner of very adventurous toys/costumes/decorations. As I explained to her, she seems a bit of a paradox in person. If I saw her on the street, I would assume she was an administrative assistant or other such demure profession with a somewhat shy demeanor. But standing there in her corset surrounded by whips and and masks? Let me tell you, the juxtaposition was incredibly hot. 

Add to this, she's just a cool chick. I mean really. Clearly smart, very confident, honest and open, and a great conversationalist. Someone I would seriously dig outside the hobby, which of course makes the connection during an encounter that much better. I hope nothing changes about her and she stays in my neighborhood for good long time!" (2017) - Rivers1982

"As a first timer in the world of BDSM, i wouldnt want anybody else guiding me through it. Angel was perfect. She was respectful of boundaries while also expertly reading where she could push limits further. She is so sexually ensuring. With her, its not about pain or being compromised but rather using bdsm to heighten senses and i was the happy recipient ! Im looking forward to seeing her again. Oh. And shes also crazy hot." (2017) - Ethanchan47

"I have seen Angel a few times and I have become a fan.
The incall: Angel has a private incall.  Angel’s incall is very well kept, neat and tidy.
Communication: impeccable. Excellent directions, timely, responsive.
Looks: Angel is very attractive, like a girl next door. To look at her, one would never think she was a dominatrix. Her pictures are accurate. Very cute, someone I could easily envision being on a fun date with in the non-hobby world. She is well-spoken and seems to be quite intelligent (a very sexy quality in my book).
The dream: Angel is really good at what she does. She has a very broad range of skills and is sensitive to using those skills to make the session go well for everybody involved. She brings a wonderful energy to her work and is very present throughout the session. Dom? – yes, but not with a mean streak like some seem to be (although I’ll bet she make that happen if required). Sensual? – yes. Nurturing? - Yes. Angel is very attractive (love that strawberry blonde hair!) and she dresses in outfits that look just like her pictures – sexy lingerie, which she wears very well." (2017) - jayrock

​"Decided it was time for me to switch things up a bit and explore a different side of myself.
Miss Angel was the perfect guide: knowledgeable, experienced, patient and fun! Set up with Miss Angel was very easy and smooth. Her private Westside incall was clean and comfortable. And her playroom was amazing with so many fun and exciting toys to explore with! Miss Angel was wearing a beautiful outfit that so fit her role. And, I must say, she is even more beautiful in person! I'd shared my fantasy with Miss Angel in advance and she skillfully led the way. An hour later I found myself breathless and weak in the knees! And she has this amazing toy that simulates this act through electric current. I was a bit nervous at first but trusted Miss Angel and was very greatly rewarded!  Thank you Miss Angel for a wonderful exploration!" (2017) - jasper41

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